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“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” -Stephen Covey

The decision is to invest in your craft is YOURS! Don’t wait for anyone to determine your career aspirations for you. In fact, employers have been known to favour candidates and employees who have taken the initiative to develop themselves to the best of their financial capacity. Why? Because this shows any employer that you have the drive to succeed, you’re intentional about your career progression and definitive about your career path.

Have you heard the saying “Jack of all trades and master of none?” If you have a burning desire to forge ahead with a specialist career, invest in that niche by expanding your knowledge and be the go-to professional who is the best in it.

We are transitioning into a skill-driven ecosystem where certifications are necessary to demonstrate competency, thought-process, and implementation methodologies. However, it’s not sustainable unless they have globally recognised regulatory frameworks that support cross-functional business transformation initiatives.

As businesses are adopting new technologies and strategies, the need for professionals and businesses to leverage on their technical expertise and contribute to transformative frameworks is essential to thrive and stay relevant in the market.

On that note, we at Transquisite Consulting are thrilled to partner with PECB to strategically position our clients as brands, employees, and thought leaders of choice that are dedicated to implementing globally recognised practices, and imbibe cutting-edge business/market intelligence to drive sustainability and continuity.

We will be offering globally accredited programmes in Information Security, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Privacy & Data Protection, Continuity, Resilience, and Recovery Sustainability, Cyber Security, and Digital Transformation for corporate organisations as part of their Learning and Development Programmes and to professionals who are looking for strategic career advancement with the guidance of our career coaches.

These sought-after cross-functional skills have the capacity to strengthen the economy, promote policy, & regulatory governance, and most importantly cement international business relations

It’s time to re-strategise, reposition, and realign for the future of work!

Contact our team today to discuss the programmes we are currently running, we review our training calender bi-annually and if there isn’t a programme you see, we also offer tailored packages for corporate bookings.

Accelerate Your Career with Globally Accredited Certification Programmes

Invest in specialized skills through our globally recognized certification programs. Guided by career coaches, unlock opportunities in cybersecurity, governance, and more.

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