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Human Resources (HR), when implemented with people-centric strategies add value to your employer brand, and the seamless functionality of your business. Operational procedures that support the development of best-practice performance appraisals, career development paths and behavioural frameworks are essential to building a HR strategy designed to support sustainable growth.

Transquisite Consulting provides practical HR businesses solutions that:

Identify and Analyse core areas using our in-house Initial Solutions Proposal (ISP) framework

Develop HR Strategies focused on employee engagement across the leadership team to seamlessly implement change management methodologies.

Empower communication channels throughout the organisation which can include the establishment of HR policies & procedures, restructuring or\and resolving staff HR problems that affect the ethos and culture of the workplace

We work with organisations to achieve its’ success through your existing and potential employees. From project-based HR to ad-hoc support, our aim is always the same: to apply our practical advice and skills to support your business.

Understanding your business is very important to us, because we believe no organisation is exactly the same, so we ensure that your organisation is rightly represented as well as keeping your employees happy and motivated because they are the mechanisms behind its’ success Amongst the diverse range of services, we offer are but are not limited to:

Benefits of Using Our HR Services

Outsourcing can be very cost effective. Working with our human resources consultants, you will have access to a team of HR professionals who have a wealth of experience and Outsourcing can be very cost effective.

Working with our human resources consultants, you will have access to a team of HR professionals who have a wealth of experience and specialised knowledge across the various spheres of HR. Hiring individual employees with this experience would cost you more than engaging us to handle specific tasks whether it be project-based or back office administration.

Our workforce structure allows us to deal with HR processes more effectively – especially quite complex HR functions such as recruitment, compensation and benefits administration, employee regulations, employee handbooks and occupational health and safety.

The key objective of our structure is to support our clients exclusively on a project to project basis. This will reduce the time that employers and managers spend on HR-related paperwork and procedures, and more time dedicated to their areas of focus.

Having our experienced HR team assist with your long-term strategic management goals such as succession planning and professional development is ideal as we will have more time to be invest our resources unto its implementation into the development of these areas than you or your in-house HR team may not have sufficient time to spare.

This shift in the HR focus towards strategy, policy and decision-making will bring about a much greater, sustainable return that the initial up-front investment in outsourcing.

Business leaders often get embroiled in the day-to-day HR issues, distracting them from their main business focus. At Transquisite Consulting, we allow you to shift your focus back, while providing comfort knowing that the HR side of things is being taken care of.

By working alongside the HR consultants, your own HR staff can learn and grow, as well as being able to focus their efforts in key areas.

The quality of services we provide has a direct effect on employee satisfaction. Having an external HR expert speak honestly with your employees about their work, and then having changes implemented that are fair and that benefit everyone, will lead to greater employee satisfaction, increased productivity and decreased turnover.

Our Employment Development Strategies help businesses manage employee performance and development. Looking at your organisation from an un-biased and objective perspective we can work with you to provide solutions that ensure productivity, promote employee engagement, and meet your operational objectives. Alongside the development of employees, it is paramount that we implement and monitor performance management plans to ensure that the employee development strategy has not only increased their productivity and efficiently, but their newly adapted functionalities comply with company policies and procedures and successfully meet business goals. This reduces the workload of managers by minimizing the amount of administrative responsibilities you focus on leaving room to channel your energy on business growth and market penetration.

HR for SME’s

As a small business, you’re used to juggling many responsibilities. From meeting your customer’s needs, to managing finances and keeping up with industry trends, it can be hard to handle it all. That’s where we come in.

Rather than hiring an in-house HR team, which can be costly, our HR support service will be your dedicated partner. We’ll handle projects, recruitment, training, development and keep it simple to ensure that you can focus on what really matters- your business.

We’ve all been there. The overwhelming stack of CVs to sift through, the daunting task of interviewing potential candidates, the paperwork associated with payroll and benefits. It can be a lot to handle, especially for small businesses trying to juggle it all. But there’s an alternative that can not only streamline your HR tasks but also bring in professional expertise – Outsourced HR Services.

At Transquisite we provide the following support:

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