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LinkedIn Profile Manuscript

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Job searching can be a very tedious process, and in most cases not all the opportunities that are available within companies are advertised online so how else can you strategically positioning yourself for Career Opportunities?

By engaging with professionals on LinkedIn, the largest professional website in the world and the corporate playground of over 690 million members including Hiring Managers, Recruiters, CEO’s, Investors, and Serial Entrepreneurs who are always looking for employees to drive and contribute to their corporate objectives.

Transquisite Consulting has produced a detailed LinkedIn Profile Manual to help professionals build an engaging profile that highlights your key skills, professional experience, and increase your visibility online to potential Hiring Managers, Recruiters, CEO’s, Investors, and Serial Entrepreneurs.

With the LinkedIn Profile Manuscript you’ll learn:

  • How to maximise your Profile with engaging content
  • How to use your Profile for strategic positioning
  •  Social Media Recruitment – The Facts
  • LinkedIn Networking

The detailed manual has been written by our CEO Jennifer Oyelade MIRP who is an International Recruitment Specialist with over 18 years’ experience recruiting entry level candidates to C-Level Executives in the United Kingdom, North America, Middle East and Sub-Sahara Africa region. The timeless manual is a go-to e-book that you can always refer to and implement its processes as your career progresses and your expertise diversifies.

We also offer the LinkedIn Profile e-manual and Implementation package where you will receive the e-manual and one of our consultants will develop your LinkedIn Profile for you, so please indicate the service you require before payment.

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