Customer Care as The Sustainable Revenue Generator for Business

The customer care unit remains one of the most important and sensitive units within any corporation. This is because they are responsible for on-boarding and keeping customers which directly impacts on business growth and improved bottom line figures. The unit’s ability to properly relate with and solve client’s concerns, contributes a significant quota to the amount of new and returning customers the business will have. In essence, optimizing processes and procedures to ensure that a client has the best experience needed to keep the client happy and interested in a brand should be one of the top priorities of any corporation in business if they must remain profitable.  

                          “We owe a huge gratitude to Transquisite Consulting. Our customer care training catalyzed the team’s ability to meet up with 2019’s first quarter target                                                                                                                                                 – over #80 million and counting in revenue ” – Nseinem Designers

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Many corporate entities tend to be over familiar with the functions of the customer care unit thus overlooking or considering the unit either outdated or overtaken by new corporate business development roles such as digital marketing, business development, sales and other core functional units within the establishment. However, the customer care or customer service unit’s unique and primary function is to oil the wheels of profitability by ensuring that customers or clients acquired by other business development units remain happy and satisfied with current and updated products and services offered by the firm. 

Transquisite Consulting Customer Care Agent

                     This sort of dynamic and rather fluid operations and nature of the customer care service’s activities and its tactful and technical intricacies remains one of the key reasons why the industry tends to be ephemeral and consistent in advancement. Despite its dynamic nature, it is however not surprising to find that most customer care units within firms have remained stuck in a pool of practices which would often appear current when in truth its deployed practices and procedures had been long outdated. 

 To mirror debilitating instances of bad and probably outdated customer care service experienced from the client’s angle, let us take on an exercise. Place a few calls to at least 10 firms, specifically targeting their customer care unit. At the end, you would have observed a repeated pattern of communication while conversing with customer care agents over the phone. Also, you may have as well had the feeling of being managed or handled over the phone with an agent.  These are some of the negative yet subtle feelings often communicated in interactions with clients which then builds up over time to a wholesome picture of a brand’s personae in the client’s faculty. 

 Some of these experiences are powered by instances of firms using outdated, ineffective and often scripted processes to communicate with humans of varying degrees of needs, concerns and emotions. This then amounts to  bad user experience – negative for the brand’s unique identity and bespoke image portrayal as well as the audience perception of the brand. This is why in certain regions such as Nigeria, some telecommunication and bank’s customer care units are often perceived as lazy, insensitive and difficult. This is not the image you want for your brand in a competitive information age powered by interactivity and technology.


                    Interestingly and as you may have observed with the calls, a thousand and one other product/service providers use similar scripted or semi scripted formats of communication which clients/customers have become accustomed to and find rather inhumane. Hence, the agitation, jeers and brand disloyalty. These setbacks and in some extreme cases boycotts, have been avoided by some firms we have trained on customer care. One key way to keep your customer service unit abreast and ahead in service and performance is to maintain a culture of routine training and performance assessment. This is key to a rewarding and profitable management of a multi-faceted yet humane and sensitive unit known to be a well grounded revenue generator for corporations across sectors. 

Ideally, a customer care agent is expected to be endowed with an unnatural stretch of patience, attentiveness, empathy and people management skills. Often times,  the agent would also be expected to possess advanced mastery of communication skills (positive language use), knowledge of the product/services offered, diagnostic, time management and persuasion as well as closing skills which is unsurprisingly teachable.

A few more attributes are covered in the visual media recommended below.

These and some more skills mentioned by Gregory Ciotti of Help Scout  and Hubspot Resources remains relevant qualities every customer care agent and unit must possess and aim to achieve. Fundamentally speaking, customer service units demand certain skills, behaviors, tools and insights to consistently maintain a happy client base. The slightest feedback in a smile or a positive and confidence boosting comment can turn an angry client’s disposition to a warm and friendly outlook. 

              Top experts at Transquisite Consulting  understand every simple and complex process around growing and managing a wildly productive and profitable customer care department and have organized these concepts into simple steps and nuggets which when taught – can get a total beginner to an expert level in a few sessions. The course has been known to give an unfair advantage to our clients, placing them ahead of contemporary customer service practices, in sync with client/customer’s concerns and soothing solutions as well as the interesting popular cultures of their client base and target audience. 


Although some would argue that building a robust and mature customer care unit takes time and a lot of expended resources to build and maintain, at Transquisite Consulting, we have consistently reversed this trend and have demonstrated that it takes a few sessions of consistent training to unearth the core humane and productive ingredients of customer care service delivery needed to boost business growth. Reaping the benefits of a mature and fully functional customer care unit remains one key goal that resonates will SMEs and multi-nationals across borders.  The time to harvest is now. Get in touch with us to expedite this process for you.             

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