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"It takes 20 minutes to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it"
- Warren Buffet

On average, A hiring manager takes uses an average of 5 – 7 seconds to scan the first page of your CV before they make up the mind whether to continue reading on or not. Your CV is your virtual marketing tool. It says a lot about you without your potential employer seeing you. Your CV must sell you and intrigue the reader enough to want to meet you. Even if you’re a perfect match for the job, if your brand is not attractive, they won’t buy into you.

Your CV should tell a story, By the end of reading the CV, the reader should know as much as they can about you on paper, to the point that they can read between the lines, picking up on attributes that you didn’t necessarily mention and invite you for an interview to put a face to the CV and assess your cultural fit.

With this in mind, Transquisite Consulting offers a CV & Cover Letter Writing Service where we will highlight your core strengths, attributes and professional experience as well as your academic achievements and professional affiliations/memberships.  Using our unique methodologies, we emphasise and expatiate on your key deliverables, ready to engage potential employers for that next hire.

Please note that all CV, and profiles we create are a true reflection of your journey to date and we will try as much as we can to highlight your key strengths, technical abilities, soft skills, and notable achievements

To discuss your needs email or call the Sub-Sahara Africa team on
+234 (0) 1 888 9212 or the UK team on +44 (0) 330 133 4322

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