Developing and Empowering Talent in Sub-Sahara Africa

Our Training programmes all have a clear objective and that is to enrich the knowledge and productivity in Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa. In the next decade, in some industries maybe sooner. Businesses will turn to Africa for the future of their economic development and we want to ensure that these businesses are equipped to handle this magnitude.

When doing future forecasting companies are recognising Africa as an emerging market and as a result capitalising on the opportunities that the nations create.

That entails ensuring employees have the training and knowledge that is comparable to the Western World comprising it with the market trends and consumer behaviour in Africa to ensure that Nigeria as well as Africa is a Market Leader

In any organisation, your employees are your biggest asset. In order to ensure that their focal point remains the overall objective of the business, evaluating employees effectively is key to identify the management style that works best for them and ensure their professional development is always being addressed which is both beneficial to the employee and the organisation.

As with any other asset, investment is essential to bring the best returns and investing in your HR assets – through training and motivational programmes – will retain your best employees and bring the most out of them. The objective is to provide solutions that allow you to optimise employee performance while ensuring cohesion between personal and company objectives.

As valuable assets to your organisation, your staff are worth their weight in gold. Invest in your people and reap the rewards. Developing a learning culture within your organisation is one of the best things you can do for them – and for your company.

At Transquisite Consulting, we can help you grow and develop your business by providing training that is second to none. We start by planning and identifying the training needs of your business in order to provide the correct courses for your staff.


Who are your trainers?

Our trainers are certified professionals who have a wealth of experience in their discipline so be rest assured that their teaching modules are filled with market leading material that ensures that your employees are receive the best industry knowledge. As a Consultancy with a local and international presence, we partner with Trainers that have a diversified academic and professional background   

How many days does the training programmes last?

Between 3 – 5 days, however this is all dependant on the training schedule and how much time there is to cover all the modules.
What topics do your trainers cover?

All our training programmes are bespoke – designed to achieve the objectives of your business. We will sit down and work with you to identify the areas you need to address and our trainers will come up with the training modules and schedule for your approval.
Will we receive any after care training material?

Yes, all training comes with recap notes so delegates can refer to them at any time

How do you charge for the training?

Because our training programmes are bespoke, the price has a number of factors to consider such as location, material, trainers, and the number of delegates. However we will work with you to ensure the best training is delivered cost-effectively.
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Transquisite Consulting Group

Transquisite Consulting Group

Transquisite Consulting is a international Recruitment and Training Consultancy with one objective – to Identify, Develop, and Empower the talent in Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa.

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