Grab the Wheel and Drive to your own Destinyation

We’re almost reaching the beginning of a new month and the end of the 1st quarter of the year, i’m sure your wondering why so many words to summarise that we’re going into a new month in a week? lol  it will all makes sense shortly because there is always a meaning too everything we do. TRUST US!

The beginning of everything in life can either be exciting, or nerve-racking, think about it! First day at school, First day in a new office, First Date, etc. you either experience one of the emotions or even both. At the beginning of the year we posted an article called “New Year, New YOU!” we spoke about all the things one should do to make a conscience decision about your goals and stick to it. In a month or so we’ll  be approaching the END of the first quarter of the year,how many of you can say you’ve have stuck to the original game plan? Be totally honest with yourselves.

The statement above is a really powerful one:

“The Difference Between Who YOU are
 and what YOU want to be
 is what YOU Do” 

This statement is all about YOU, it is not the difference between you and someone else, there is no comparison between two parties. The comparison is between the stage you are at currently, your aspirations for the future, and exactly what it is your doing to get there.

Sometimes don’t realise that we limit our own ability in words, thoughts, and actions. Allowing fear, doubt, and negativity cloud our vision by using words such as can’t, and won’t. Who says you can’t achieve your goals? Who said you cannot be what you want to be? The truth is you hold the keys to your own destiny.

The world we live in is driven by being politically correct, socio-economic statuses, various culture and gender related issues etc. However nothing or nobody can take away your drive and determination; that is something that you own and despite what’s happening around you.

Understandably there are factors beyond our control that can affect our chosen goal/career path, set-backs can occur at anytime but instead of giving up re-vamp your plan, re-stratergise and then implement. For every problem, there is a solution just like for every action there’s a reaction.

As we are about to enter the 2nd quarter of the year use this period to revise your original plan, sometimes a problem shared is a problem half solved speak to an colleague friend, or someone you look up to for some advice. They may shed light on something that you never thought of.

Use the internet, do some research on alternatives there is nothing wrong with having a back-up plan it actually equips you more for the journey ahead… Knowledge is power!

All in all guys, The motto for this story is… 

The sky is NOT you’r limit DON’T limit yourself to the sky 
when there are footprints on the moon!
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