How To Make a Positive First Impression

Few business skills are more important than the ability to make a positive first impression.  In a very real sense, your abilities in this area predetermine your level of success.  Everyone you meet is part of a network that you’re building.  A positive first impression starts the relationship on the right foot, while a poor one is often impossible to overcome.  Fortunately, making a positive first impression is a skill just like any other.  Here are six simple rules:
  • Rule #1: You only have one chance.The opening minute of any new business interaction creates an impression that is difficult to change.
  • Rule #2: Have a confident greeting style. Your smile, handshake and eye contact must all be top quality. Practice until you get it right.
  • Rule #3: Have superlative personal hygiene. Shower, shave (if need be), and iron your clothes Wear a black suit (men and women) or at least subtle clothing (brown, beige, grey). Your qualifications should stand out, not a loud outfit or excessive jewelry. Hint: look in the mirror before you head out the door
  • Rule #4: Switch your phone off (or at least put it on “Silent”). Do not receive phone calls during your interview! Your prospective boss probably doesn’t want to hear a joke ringtone or your son’s attempt at rock guitar while he’s deciding if you are the right person for the position he’s trying to fill.
  • Rule #5: Focus on the other person. If you find yourself talking too much about yourself, your firm or your job, then you’re not listening enough.
  • Rule #6: Remember names religiously. When meeting someone for the first time, get their name right.  And be fanatical when pronouncing an unusual one.
  • Rule #7: Have a positive attitude. Memorable people are genuinely interested, enthusiastic, and eager to help. You can’t fake it, so really feel it.
  • Rule#8: Send a post interview email. Send a follow – up email thanking them for their time, and hoping to hear from them soon – this is personal and shows that your keen and also very throrough in your approach
  • Rule #9: Don’t talk about anything controversial. Religion, politics, your feelings towards a certain company’s personâl indiscretions, the first time you meet someone is not the time to bring up anything which is likely to elicit a negative or defensive emotion from the other person. Such things will either do nothing to help your cause or may even harm it.
  • Rule#10: Do your research.  Always walk into the interview knowing about the company, their ethos, the core of their business, the groups they belong to etc. All this information can be found on the company’s website. Have a note pad and jot down these things and also form 5 questions of your own to ask  the interviewer – This shows that your eager to learn and have a genuine interest in becoming a member of the organisation, and not just trying to secure any position that you interview for
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