Office Romance Yay or Nay?

The size of an Office generally determines if an affair is deemed fit or not. Personally, I’m not the greatest fan of Office Romances, but that’s just my opinion I’m going to blog from a diplomatic point of view.

Why I say size matters is because if you both work for a multi- national or global organisation it’s not so intimate, you still feel as though your other half works for another company because they are not ‘in your face’ but if your sharing an Office space i.e. sharing a desk or sitting across the room from each other, I find that it can be quite intense.

You wake up together, have breakfast together come to work together, work together, go home together have dinner together go to bed together, you never have any “me” time.

When everything’s’ smooth and peaceful I guess it can be nice being around your partner all the time,  the opportunity to even act out your fantasy of a sneaky office rendezvous, or your handsome boss – sexy secretary affair, however but if you have a lovers’ tiff at home and you come to work, everybody will know your business.

No matter what anyone says it’s not easy to switch off, and live your problems at the door, especially if your partner shares an office space with you.

The environment is tense, work colleagues are asking…

“Jen, are you ok? Do you want to talk about, I’m here if you need to talk”

The tiff may not be that serious, but for the mere fact you have no space at all to cool off can either magnify the situation or defuse it, either way your relationship is no longer private and you feel as though your life has turned into a soap opera with different characters i.e. colleagues acting out their different parts.

Another scenario that you may come across is if your partner is in a more senior position at your company, this believe it or not can affect your professional growth. No matter how much you excel in your job and you are good at what you do, your work colleagues would say “well she/he is shagging the boss is that’s the reason for the preferential treatment” and any project/task to complete successfully will not get the merit it deserved either for the same reason.

This can de-motivate anyone in this situation that they cannot receive the praises, the pat on the back for a job well done, that promotion they’ve been dying for, all based on the professional ranking of their partner, eventually someone has to give way as they say “there is only one captain in the ship”

Transquisite’s final word: If you love your partner more than you love your job… Do Not Work Together!

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