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At Transquisite, we understand the complexities that identifying the right talent can bring. The process in itself can be both time-consuming and tedious in a region where the dynamics rapidly changes in the market...


Whether it’s sourcing for a new employee, managing payroll, or HR support/consultancy services; Our business services outsourcing team provide a comprehensive back office solution that is efficient...

Human Resources

We work with organisations to achieve its’ success through your existing and potential employees. From project-based HR to ad-hoc support, our aim is always the same: to apply our practical advice and skills...

Expatriate Employee Management Services

Our team of Immigration Professionals are constantly abreast with market trends, Immigration regulations, and how that can affect your organisation, and as a result, we are able to offer the best advice and services tailored specifically to your needs.

Sub-Sahara Africa Talent Pool

We use our international presence in the UK as well as our global network to our advantage by holding seasonal candidate networking events. The objective of these events is to build a diverse talent pool and educate professionals in the diaspora about the opportunities in Africa whether it be in their country of origin or other parts of Africa.

We’re always happy to discuss your recruitment and executive recruitment needs so get in touch to talk to one our team today! Contact the UK Team on: +44(0)203 086 8788 or the Sub-Sahara Africa Team on: +234(0)1 888 9212 or +234 (0) 909 477 7444 alternatively you can email info@tq-consulting.com and a consultant will be in touch
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