Expatriate Employee Management Services

Working with our strategic partners, Transquisite Consulting provides expatriate support services in immigration, logistics, consular and compliance advisory services to an increasing and diverse clientele. Our seamless, efficient and cost effective immigration service tackles the challenges sometimes faced so that you can focus on business and avoid the distractions and frustrations that immigration processes can cause.

Our team of Immigration Professionals are constantly abreast with market trends, Immigration regulations, and how that can affect your organisation, and as a result, we are able to offer the best advice and services tailored specifically to your needs.

Over the years, we have come to realize that immigration compliance is easily the greatest source of frustration for expatriates in Nigeria. This is a potential risk area for major business and therefore requires professional handling from the onset. Many expatriates and foreign companies have fallen victim of non-compliance on immigration matters and our ethos is simple, “Compliance is Key”

As part of our process and in order to ensure compliance with the Nigerian Immigration laws/procedures, our team would need to carry out an initial immigration audit on our clients. This exercise involves the review of all files relating to the company’s ability to be in full compliance with the Nigeria Immigration laws. It will enable us to appraise your immigration needs with a view to providing you with the appropriate solutions to meet those identified needs

The services we provide

  • Visa on arrival
  • Regularization of STR visa
  • Extension of Business/Visitors visa.
  • Multiple Re-entry visa
  • Procurement of Temporary Work Permit Visa (TWP).
  • General Consultancy on immigration Regulation and practices
  • Training on immigration processes and procedures.
  • Procurement of Expatriate Quota
  • Renewal/Re-designation/ Additional of Expatriate Quota
  • Renewal of CERPAC
  • Expatriate Logistic Support
  • Upgrade of EQ slots to Permanent Until Review (PUR)
  • Filing of Immigration Monthly Returns and TWP Quarterly Returns
  • Landing Permit visa
  • Deletion of Expatriate Personnel from the Company’s EQ slots
  • Compliance Advisory Services / Immigration Audit

Why Transquisite Expatraite Management Services?

Favourable and competitive pricing.

Inventory management and unique handling of document.

Efficient process dealing with all documentation involving immigrations.

With a wealth of experience, government know-how, we will provide effective integrated immigration advice, saving you time, expense, and a hassle-free processes.

We’re always happy to discuss your recruitment and executive recruitment needs so get in touch to talk to one our team today! Contact the UK Team on: +44 (0) 330 133 4322 or the Sub-Sahara Africa Team on: +234(0)1 888 9212 or +234 (0) 909 477 7444 alternatively you can email info@tq-consulting.com and a consultant will be in touch
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