Our Consultants

We do not consider ourselves as specialists in a specific sector. What we consider ourselves to be is Recruitment Experts who have leveraged and utilised our network. With our extensive reach, we have developed a core understanding of various business sectors, which gives us a more of a consultancy approach by providing market intelligence as well as advisory services on how to attract the best talent for your organisation and sector.

This is because we believe to be successful you need to understand the behavioural patterns of professionals, as well as business trends, the impact of the economy and emerging markets. Some are as follows:

  • What drives them – What are their motivations?
  • What are their short- and long-term aspirations?
  • How we can match it with our clients’ business objective?

Executive Search

Executive Search is a very delicate and meticulous area of recruitment where leadership, key market knowledge, exposure to various operational management styles, international financial reporting knowledge, and business driven methodologies play a key role in the overall deliverables of an organisation. The identification of such talent requires in-depth talent acquisition implementation to see that the successful hire of a candidates meets the long-term corporate objectives of our client.  We widen the spectrum and the diversity when identifying strategic talent.

Working with our experienced consultants, we will ensure that you acquire the best talent to execute and lead your organisation using various tried and tested methodologies and stretching traditional recruitment to meet your needs.

Our executive search service focuses on finding good people, for each and every brief. These are carefully hand-picked, people who will not only join a business, but actually stay and perform.

We’re always happy to discuss your recruitment and executive recruitment needs so get in touch to talk to one our team today! Contact the UK Team on: +44 (0) 330 133 4322 or the Sub-Sahara Africa Team on: +234(0)1 888 9212 or +234 (0) 909 477 7444 alternatively you can email info@tq-consulting.com and a consultant will be in touch
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