Transferable skills and its benefits in a highly competitive market

When we are looking for a new opportunity in our career, we tend to focus on the strict deadlines on what each job description requires in order to be eligible to apply. Now while that is very important, do not sell yourself short by not validating your transferable skills.

What are your transferable skills?

These are skills that a variable and not specific to a sector or type of job. These are skills that can be applied to across the board and should not be ignored because they are additional attributes that are an asset to both your professional and personal development, as well as the organisation that is blessed to have you utilise them to meet their corporate objectives.

Skills such as Leadership,Time Management, Prioritisation, Delegation, Listening, Communication and Analytical skills are all valuable in the workplace and shouldn’t be downplayed on your CV.

In this very competitive market where there more professionals looking for the next step in their career than the opportunities that are available to them, one needs to differentiate themselves to be the more preferred hire. By including your transferable skills in your CV, your prospective employer can see your versatility and can also make a constructive judgment about how well you will fit into their team and the value to add to their organisation.

Transferable skills are learnt along the way, either in previous employment, voluntary work or natural attributes that people are born with. For example when someone is referred to as a “born-leader” this generally means that this natural attribute has been capitalised on to become an asset.

To convey your skills successfully in your CV you can include them in the following places:

Cover Letter: As you are summarising your experience, you can mention your transferable skills and how it has enabled you to be successful thus far

Summary: At the beginning of your CV, where you are summarising your experience you can bullet point your skills and how it can be of value to your prospective employer

Job Responsibilities: As you list your experiences include your attributes or your transferable skills that enabled you do that task successfully for example

“I am in charge of the payroll for the regional office, this task requires careful attention to detail as well as excellent prioritisation skills to enable that accurate figures were produced within the designated time frame”

If you are unsure of what your key attributes or transferable skills are, ask a friend, family member or colleague. It is always best to receive constructive criticism for those you engage with on a regular basis, they will be able to give you their candid experience which you will be able to ponder on and evaluate.

What you may find from this exercise is that your weaknesses may also be identified which is alright, because we all have weaknesses. We all have areas that we are don’t excel in but that as well can be used to our advantage if applied correctly. For example

“I’m a perfectionist, so I always spend time on tasks to ensure they are done perfectly and as a result, some tasks do not get done and my workload increases. However I have learned the art of time management and prioritisation which means I prioritise my workload in accordance with their deadlines and ensure they are all given the necessary attention they need.”

So revisit your CV and ask yourself “Are my transferable skills really conveying my true abilities?” and if not work to to demonstrate how much of an asset you can be to any organisation.

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