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For Candidates

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  • A detailed Career Development Report and Work Plan – This is the most comprehensive Career Personality Report ever. With over 7,000 words this report prints to over 30 pages and goes into great detail about each individual. There are too many topics to list here but included are; Ideal Work Environment
    Key Strengths
    What Motivates You
    And so much moreThis comes with sessions with our Career Consultants to guide you though during one to one sessions so email after you have completed the report to book your appointment and draw up a follow-up schedule
  • Personality Certificate – The Personality Certificate is a short personality report that can be attached to every CV. It describes something about the candidate’s personality to the employer. It is designed to be able to distribute with every CV submitted to an employer. The report is very accurate however it deliberately focuses on the positive aspects of the candidate.
  • Mini Career Personality Report – Find out what the Right Employer Will Appreciate about you? Your Ideal Working Environment, your personality gauges – are you someone who you prioritises deadlines over perfectionism or someone who Prioritises big picture over details

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For Employers

Interview Pro – TC Interview Pro is a range of interview psychometric tools that can be used to assist in identifying talent for your organisation. This covers work environment, Actions (Work Ethic), Teamwork, Influencing Skills, Working Under Pressure, Motivation, Key Strengths, How to Create The Right Interview Environment to get the best out of the candidate. This is also available for specific roles and sectors,

Onboarding Pro – TC Onboarding Pro is the perfect report designed for you, as the line manager, to get the very best from a newly hired employee. It covers: How to create the Ideal work environment. The best way to communicate with your new hire, How to lead and manage John effectively, How to reduce work related stress, How to motivate your new hire, How your new hire responds to a reprimand or being told off, and how to work on your new hire’s natural strengths.

TC Management and Team Leadership (for Hiring or Promotion) – Whether you’re hiring a new team leader/manager or identifying an employee for promotion in an existing workforce – this is the tool for you! It covers: Key Strengths, Administration, Communication, Decision-Making, Delegation, Leadership, Managing Others, Planning & Managing Resources, Planning, Programme and Project Management, Influencing Skills, Organising, Working under Pressure, Working Environment, How to inspire the candidate to accept your offer, How To Create The Right Interview Environment,

Hiring Recruitment Consultants?
This is an excellent tool to identify core recruitment and talent acquisition professionals for your organisation. This is a very challenging role and certain personality types cope better than others. Qualifications are unlikely to help you hire the right person. Even previous work experience may not tell you what you need to know. If you want to hire people who can cope and thrive in a recruitment agency, then you need to understand their personality.  This cover: Natural Sales Style, Commercial Awareness, Results focused, Closing abilities, Rejection handling, Customer focus, Making & keeping appointments, work environments, working under the pressure, key strengths, willingness to cold calling. motivation, how to create the right interview environment to get the best out of the candidate, how To Inspire your chosen candidate to choose Your Job Offer

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