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At Transquisite, we specialize in Talent Acquisition strategies aimed at identifying, nurturing, and empowering talent within Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. Understanding the swiftly changing market dynamics and the complexities involved in sourcing the right talent, we leverage our deep market insight and international benchmarks to offer bespoke solutions.

Our approach not only addresses the challenges of talent acquisition and retention but also ensures our clients gain a competitive edge by aligning talent strategies with business success in a time-efficient manner.

Identifying key talent for your organisation is core to our business objective. This entails sourcing for professionals who will be an asset to your organisation using strategic methodologies to ensure they are not just a technical fit but also demonstrate the attributes that embody your organisations’ ethos, values, and culture.

What differentiates us as a consultancy is our engagement with our clients. We see you more as stakeholders rather than engage you in a “supply and demand” style of relationship. We work with you because we see every client as a partner.

Our services are designed to synergize technical ability, and leadership identification with cultural integration and adaptation. We also provide market intelligence for your organisation based on the current business trends and markets from a manpower perspective ensuring that you establish and maintain your reputation as a reputable employer brand and not just a market leader in your sector.

We recruit professionals within Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa, sourcing and engaging talent on the following basis:

Our recruitment and selection services include:

Sub-Sahara Africa Talent Pool

We use our international presence in the UK as well as our global network to our advantage by holding seasonal candidate networking events…

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