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Sub-Sahara Africa Talent Pool Recruitment

While some saw COVID-19 as a problem, at Transquisite, we saw the pandemic as an advocate that heightened our ethos that identifying talent has unlimited boundaries. It proved that businesses can build and scale their operations in a remote capacity. This not only heightens the business model we have built that a consultancy that thrives on relationships globally. By leveraging on our international presence, we have built a talent pool of professionals with various disciplines in the diaspora whose heritage leads back to Africa.

whether it be in their country of origin or other parts of Africa. We focus on the social economic dynamics taking place in Africa, the market trends, international bilateral information, and most importantly the professional opportunities available in the region should they wish to pursue a career in Africa on a short- or long-term basis.

Sub-Sahara Africa Talent Pool Recruitment

From these events we’ve built and attracted a talent pool of candidates that fit into the following criteria:

  • British citizens who are of Nigerian/African descent who want to seek career opportunities in Nigeria and /or other parts of Africa
  • Nigerian professionals who came to the UK to study an undergraduate or post-graduate course and are looking to utilise those skills in Nigeria
  •  African nationals who are looking to return to their country of origin for career progression
  • Those who are looking for expatriate positions in Africa on a short- or long-term assignments.

The key advantages of our Sub-Sahara African Talent Pool are:

  • No visa requirement or very minimal processing procedures necessary because in most cases the candidates would already have the necessary documents and eligibility to work in their country of ethnic origin or in Africa as a whole.
  • Companies will not always be liable to hire candidates as expatriates especially if they have already demonstrated an interest in relocating which results into attracting candidates with international experience cost effectively which ultimately means there will be minimal or no relocation expenses.
  • Senior candidates would have attended management courses at some point in their career, and with that experience they can implement change management in an organisation to ensure that it’s operating at an international level. This can result into minimal immediate training costs.

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